iSMP Mobile POS. PayEx Bluetooth terminal.

iSMP Companion with barcode reader. Small mobile terminal where a smart phone is embedded on one side as a PDA.

Addon PCL for iOS : Tools, libraries for developing iOS apps.

Troubleshooting iSMP

  • Barcode: When the iSMP is connected to the Ingenico charging base or when the iSMP is connected via Ingenico USB cable, it's not possible to activate the Barcode reader
  • Battery capacity: A fully charged battery should handle at least 200 transactions in a 12 hours period
  • Battery discharge: Question : Is there anything the customers should do/could do to prevent the battery from being discharged?
    Answer : There are battery power management settings in Telium manager. See the "ECO Mode and Standby Mode on iCMP.PDF" under general information