General information about the terminals

PayEx offers many types of terminals but these are the ones we offer for integration: iPP, iSMP and Unattended. You can find information about these terminals in the menu to the left or by clicking on one of the images below. 

Ipp350 400 Ismp Companion Face Unattended3inone

Customers with stand alone terminals

If you choose not to integrate through our PosPay Client you can use the information below to integrate your solution directly to our terminals.

Contact PayEx if you want to start an integration and read the PayEx API.

PayEx recommend LAN connection

About LAN and USB: (Universal Serial Bus): We recommend LAN. The iPP, iCT and iWL-base can be connected to a LAN by Ethernet. The terminals can then communicate with ECR over regular TCP/IP on this LAN.

Ethernet mode: This is the most flexible mode, and the easiest mode to set up. It is used when the terminal has a physical or wireless LAN connection. The terminal’s IP address should be configured according to the local network requirements. The terminal will then listen to requests from ECR on TCP port 5188.