New user?

This website aims to help existing customers with information about software developments. If you have not been in contact with PayEx before, please contact sales ( for information about our products and the process of becoming a customer.

These steps illustrate the process of becoming a customer. They assume that you have been in contact with PayEx, and that we have a tentative agreement.

1. If you have an agreement with PayEx, you will be able to communicate with us through our project tool Base Camp. Only at this point can you order a test terminal from us. This will be sent to technical partner.

2. Usually questions will be answered via Base Camp. If you have questions that is not answered satisfactory or that needs special attention, contact PayEx and schedule a technical support week and/or a start up meeting.


1. Send receipts to PayEx and get feedback.  

2. PayEx will together with the partner order a test slot from respective processor(s).

3. PayEx will fill out the necessary document and will send it to the respective processor(s).

4. Each certification might be associated with a cost, so contact PayEx for more information.



1. Order production Merchant from PayEx. 

2. Choose terminal for pilot.

3. Review pilot.

4. Schedule roll out and close project in Base Camp

You can find information about terminals here and about client software here