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  • 4.23.4: Support for posReference up to 25 characters.
  • 4.23.4: Added new PosPaySSLClient.P12 certificate.
  • 4.23.3: Correct handling of products allowed (P-63) for the CGI host.
  • 4.23.3: Support for English language in PosPay Client.
  • 4.23.3: Implemented delivery receipts for YX on transactions performed with a fuel card.
  • 4.23.2: Fixed issue that caused the ECR to hang when a transaction was cancelled before a card was inserted in the terminal
  • 4.23.2: Improved efficiency during card-extension handling, to fix scenarios where card-extension handling was taking a long time
  • 4.23.2: Update Client Certificate for PosPay client
  • 4.23.1: Added support for UTA Track 1 card data
  • 4.23.0: Added information of new IP Addresses for VPN/MPLS/IPSec Customers
  • 4.22.6: Implemented support for driver id field for fuel merchants
  • 4.22.5: Solved situation where product validation is not performed locally by PosPay Client
  • 4.22.4: Solved situation where fuel merchants experienced a delay of response to and from the payment terminal
  • 4.22.3: Solved situation where PosPay Client were not able to download new SSL Certificate
  • 4.22.2: Improvement where terminal sends Y3/Y1 to PosPay Client
  • 4.22.2: Added functionality to return loyalty information in transaction result
  • 4.22.2: Possibility to disable PPPPingservice
  • 4.22.1: Solved situation where PosPay installation path is using spacing does not work
  • 4.22.1: Improved functionality for split payment
  • 4.21.2: Solved situation where PosPay Client were not able to download new SSL Certificate
  • 4.21.0: Improved functionality for Recurring payment by PosPay
  • 4.21.0: Increased support for orderId in several transaction types

PayEx iPP350 USB Drivers

Click here to download USB PPP Driver (Supports Windows XP - Windows 10)

Read the ReadMe file prior to installation!

PosPay Client SSL Certificate 2021

Click here to download PosPay Client SSL Certificate that is valid from Oct 2021 and forward