PayEx POS Implementation Manual 2.0

The site aims to give existing customers information about the latest POS Bank Terminals and PosPay client software. Here you can get the latest documentation, software and downloading tools used for PosPay terminals. PayEx launches three main releases pr year, and expects all customers to upgrade at least once a year. A software release normally contains changes based on three different categories: compliance, market demands and product improvement. Click here for more information. 

New customer?

If you have not been in contact with PayEx before, please contact sales ( for information about our products and the process of becoming a customer. You can also take a look here for more information. 

Terminals available through PayEx:

PayEx offers the following types of terminals built upon the Telium 2 platform from Ingenico:

* iCT
* iPP
* iSMP (mPOS)
* iUP (Unattended)
* iWL

For integration purpose PayEx offers the following terminals:

* iCT
* iPP
* iSMP (mPOS)
* iUP (Unattended)



8-Digit BIN

Management summary:
For your information please see the Technical newsletter describing the change with 8-Digit BIN expansion, this will not have an impact on your integration and will not require any updates on our end.

Should you have any further questions please contact your Technical Onboarding Manager or Project Manager Ine Enekvist at


New look

As of payment application version 2.24 our payment terminal will have the Swedbank Pay colours, typeface and logotype.

For more information contact Swedbank Pay Customer Operations +47 22 03 60 04.


Regarding: New HW revision of iPP350 (PCI PTS 4.x)

Dear customer/partner,

Future deliveries of the payment terminal iPP350, both new orders and replacement units, will from today (December 1st 2017) and onwards include a new hardware revision with part number IPP350-51Txxxxx (found at sticker underneath the terminal). The new hardware revision of iPP350 is certified for PCI PTS 4.x, whereas earlier revisions (e.g. IPP350-11Txxxxx) was only certified for PCI PTS 3.x. In terms of compliance, this means that installations made with the new hardware revision has a longer life cycle than previous versions of iPP350.

The new version of iPP350 is dependent on version 9.30 of the Telium operating system. Earlier versions than 9.30 cannot operate on the PCI PTS 4.x certified version of iPP350 that PayEx is operating with from now on. Version 9.30 of the Telium operating system was introduced in version 1.0.2162 (2.16b) of the PayEx Nordic Payment terminal software.

The terminal software version you as a customer/partner are currently using is delivered with version 9.22 (or earlier) of the Telium operating system. Thus, new orders and/or replacement units can no longer be deployed with the same version of the PayEx Nordic Payment terminal software that you currently use in production. As mentioned above, minimum version 1.0.2162 (2.16b) is required for the new hardware revision of iPP350. However, version 1.0.2162 (2.16b), with Teium OS 9.30 included, contains the same API as before so no changes are required in your ECR software to support it. This message is simply a notification for you as a customer/partner that iPP350 deliveries from now on will have the following setup:

  • Part No. IPP350-51Txxxxx
  • Operating system 9.30
  • Terminal software 2.16b (or higher)

NB! If PosPay Client is used for ECR integration, it must be upgraded to version 4.15.4 (or higher) in order to support the setup specified above.

Should any preparations/test/verifications be required in order for you as a customer/partner to start using the new hardware- and software setup, we kindly request you to start such activities as soon as possible to avoid interruption in deliveries and/or production.

Should you have any questions, please contact PayEx Customer Support at +47 22036004.


Merchants that uses OPUS ECR should use PosPay Client version 4.15.4 due to changes required by OPUS ECR to support newer PosPay Client version.
See PosPay Client Download page for link to PosPay Client 4.15.4.

Windows 10:

PayEx has now full Windows 10 Support for Ingenico iPP350 USB terminals.
Download the latest USB Drivers and read the Change log prior to installation.


Regarding NFC. New compliance demand : 1st of January 2016.

New versions :

2.13 : Contactless, Recurring Payment, Improvements regarding stability of iWL251 GPRS communication. New SDK 9.22 from Ingenico. Improved stability for ISMP. 

4.15.0 : The latest Pospay-version is coming soon

Contactless News :

Contactless is now certified and approved. The pilot for this release is now in motion. After the summer, you will be able to upgrade your terminal to support contactless Visa Paywave and Mastercard Paypass.

PayEx Incident :

Please look in our FAQ page. Click here:

Software version compatibility

PosPay Client version Terminal version
4.23.4 2.07h - 2.35
4.22.6 2.07h - 2.27
4.21.2 2.07h - 2.24

The latest PosPay Client software

Download the latest PosPay Client Software here

Interested in the newest terminal software?

The terminal software is not available through this site so please contact PayEx Integration for more information.

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